Building Safe Havens For Jimmy


For Jimmy started working with Year 6 pupils from Bexley Academy as part of their social action schools programme, being carried out in 18 schools across three London boroughs last year. For Jimmy is partnering up with Volunteer Police Cadets to launch a Junior Police Cadet Unit for the pupils.

At the start of the New Year the Year 6 pupils were taken on their first Safe Haven walk on Plumstead High Street. Safe Havens are a simple idea, the pupils go out onto their local high street and ask shopkeepers if they would lock the door and call the police if a young person or adult was in danger or felt threatened on the street.

After a successful Safe Haven walk, the young people signed up shops along the length of the high street, each of which will display a Safe Haven For Jimmy sticker in their window. As well as helping to keep young people safe in the community, the scheme has been vital in building relationships between young people, local businesses, the police, council and community in and around Bexley.

As part of the day the young people visited our Ten Thousand Hands café in Ladywell. They were then taken to the For Jimmy office to meet the whole team and learn about the different roles undertaken within the charity.

The most exciting part of the day for all the pupils was a visit to Catford Police Station, where they were all so inquisitive and enjoyed exploring the building. Pupils were given a tour of the station, visiting the cells and getting to meet the officers on duty. With a few of them ending up in handcuffs.

Alongside it being a fun day out for the pupils, they also gained a greater insight into the work of For Jimmy within the community, and built relations and an understanding of the role of the local police.